IK-N90  90° Angular Head

Features​ : 

1. It uses precision grinding gears made in Japan, it can be used machining with high speed. (2000 rmp)
2. It is always linked on traditional plano milling machine, gantry type machine, CNC milling machine and special functions milling machine…etc.
3. It is used for "Metal model", like aluminum for light cutting and drilling.
4. 90 degree processing angle heads is suitable for all types of milling heads.
It can change the processing angle and also bring the powerful and high-quality cutting benefits for machine.
5. There are 2 models in 90 degree processing IK Angle Head series. (the other one is IK-A90)

Besides these characteristics. IK-N90 could be used with IK-N95 semi-automatic hydraulic table.IK-N90+IK-N95 are applied for auto-rotating multi-angle machining. (Accessory Milling Head / Semi-Automatic Angular Head + Position Chainring90° Angle Head)

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