Features​ : 

1. IK milling heads can upgrade or replacement your existing machine body, milling machine or special machine and also it can bring more stable and high-quality machining benefits for work piece cutting.
2. It is used for mold manufacturing or precision processing. Mainly for light cutting, cutting effect is like mirror.
3. The machine processing for travel is 460 mm. We also provide “No slide” format. 
4. This product is used in any kind Gantry (Plano) Milling Machine (vertical / horizontal).
5. Plano milling head series offer accessory head for you to optional.
It will apply for multi-angle machining to upgrade efficiency and longer machining range.
6. This product of standard motor is 12.5HP. We also offer 15HP for you to optional.
7. Offer pneumatic blade locking device, bearing guide screw, pneumatic leveler for you to optional.
8. I K-916-LV has been applied through the structure patents, patents number are D172465 and D174766.
9. There are 10 models in IK Plano Milling Machine Head Series.

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IK-916-LV Precision  Milling Type-Left  Vertical Milling Head


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